David's healthy eating plan

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For us to keep ourselves healthy and our immune system strong we need to eat nutritious foods and drink the right liquids that is going to help our bodies stay strong and healthy. When I was growing up people ate home cooked food. There were no quick food places around, except for the local fish and chip shop, but you had to wait for the items to be fried. Most people were basically slim and healthy. We never heard of people taking pills for cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure,  and so on, and also we never heard of people having metal joint inplants or were suffering from dementia. We had one small pharmacy in town which we called the chemist.

Some people say that eating nutritious food is expensive. I make my healthy nutritious breakfast for under a dollar. My lunch for two dollars or less, and my dinner or supper for five dollars or less. Apart from my home made meals I also make cakes, muffins, and pies. There are no bad fats, or high sodium ingredients in my food. Also no glucose, fructose, high sugar, and palm oil in any of my recipes. Also no chemicals and preservatives.

Although I am a senior I do not suffer from any of the following : Arthritis, bone and joint problems, cancer, cholesterol, colon, diabetes, heart, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney, liver, or prostate problems. I have also managed to donate blood 137 times.  When I donated the nurses used to tell me that I had good clean open blood vessels, and that I also had good quality blood.  I did some checking and I have found out that fatty blood vessels cuts down the oxygen in the blood, which means that there is less oxygen getting to the brain, which in turn helps to cause dementia. I have checked with some relatives and friends who were suffering,  and  I found out that they had fatty blood vessels. I used to fill the blood bag in no more than five minutes. The last few times that I donated, I drank a bottle of water just before I donated, and I think that I broke the record by a minute or so.


When I visit the dentist or the chiropractor, or the optometrist,  I am generally asked if  I  am taking any medications. I have not donated blood lately but when I did I had to answer many questions in regard to all kinds of medical problems that I may have, which included the taking of medications. My answer was always no. sometimes it was mentioned that I certainly look after myself, and that I did not look my age, and was often asked as to what do I do to keep myself healthy.



Although I am a senior I like to keep myself as fit as I can, and each day I work on building my immune system in order to keep my body strong. My naturopathic doctor has told me that I have a steady heart beat and that I have lots of oxygen in my blood. I like to think that the inside of my body is something like the inside of a Rolls Royce engine. Everything clean and shiny, and everything ticking over nice and quiet.